Who we are

DTR Brands Company distribute & manufacture various international brands of children’s shoes across all categories, Customers who qualify for the branded items’ regulations, can benefit from direct to retail solutions, avoiding going through third parties.

Our headquarters are located in Guangzhou, China which holds our main showroom.

This site was set in mind to provide a simplified online platform for wholesale quotation orders, we have set in advance the most common kid’s shoes size assortments and our best sellers designs. the site is intended to make wholesalers selection and ordering process as easy as possible, choose your favorite shoes from any of the categories, add to cart and proceed to checkout – No payment required – Invoice/Quotation is generated upon checkout and our team will reply back with the prices.

FYI: If no logo is requested than the shoes produce under ‘Zoee’ brand and the logo appears on the shoes and the box.


In general (depends on the models) the supply time to the MOQ can take up to 90 days, on large ordered quantities – supply time could vary, in this case the customer would get notified by the sales team about the supply time.

Our in-house logistic team will provide the best solutions for the shipping to the requested destination. The collections of the goods from our storage is free of charge. upon customer requirement the logistic team will provide a quotation to the requested destination.

For logo requirements, branded shoes, OEM collection please feel free to contact us at: store@dtrbrandsco.com or use the contact us form.